Bring a unique, elegant, and clean touch to the kitchen and bathroom with these ideas for marble floor tiles. The timeless and elegant material par excellence continues to find a place in the bathrooms of homes and public spaces. Marble floor tiles are back in fashion and are increasingly one of the top trends in decoration and interior design.

1. White Marble Floor Bathrooms

A further touch of beauty and sophistication can be added to your bathroom by combining marble with white tones.

The bathroom’s white marble represents a dedication to sterility, cleanliness, and roominess.

The bathroom is the perfect place to use collections like from Macael. White Macael, a Spanish marble named after the town quarried in Almería located to the south of Spain, served as the inspiration for this series.

This natural stone marble is pure white depending on the grade of your choice with sparkling shine and grey streaks.


Spanish Marble White Macael Floor and Bathroom Wall Cladding

2. Bathroom Cladding

Using marble cladding to elevate the elegance of a bathroom is a fantastic way to do so. Use shades of Dark Emperador to replicate this stunning bathroom cladding idea for a sophisticated, luxury space. 

3. Shower Stalls

You might be surprised at how much cladding can improve the appearance of a wall. Use this White Macael sleek bathroom wall cladding idea to maximize the potential of your home. Furthermore, the clever use of white textured cladding gives this space a clean, fresh look.

Spanish Marble White Macael Shower Stalls Cladding

4. Beige Marble & Wood Bathrooms

Beige colors can give your bathroom a whole distinct atmosphere. In the quest for spaces with a spa-like warmer touch, pairing your bathroom with beige or white marble and wood is unquestionably a winner.

For instance, this style with Crema Marfil marble floor and walls, the most on demand Spanish marble in the world, has a noble and calming finish that reflects the beauty of nature. It looks well with wood décor and the white bathroom furniture.


Crema Marfil – Spanish Beige Marble

5. Beige and Black Marble Bathrooms

Choosing the color of marble natural stone bathroom tiles is a hard job. As previously stated, beige combined with other natural tones is a winning combination. That is why we have exclusive Spanish marble stone in white, grey, and earth tones at ECBH Natural Stones that can make bathrooms look as spectacular as this:


6. Black Marble Bathrooms

Black is an elegant color that can create a distinct visual impact in any room. Bathrooms with black marble bathroom tiles can have a more dynamic and creative atmosphere. In this case, the Black Marquina Spanish marble creates a stunning bathroom capable of conveying sensations that transcend space.

7. Travertine Tile Marble Bathrooms

Traditional travertine marble comes to life in this Red Travertine Spanish marble collection, which includes floor and wall tiles with two different types of decoration. The longitudinal veining in Travertine marble bathrooms is reminiscent of Roman baths.

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