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Being natural stones, marble has been gifted with exceptional qualities that have captivated people throughout history. A certain lack of predictability that architects and designers celebrate is inherent in such natural things. Customers who are less familiar with the product anticipate that the stone they order will match the image or sample they were given. Even while sample stones are meant to be an accurate representation of the quarry’s final product, the actual material may show a small bit of colour and veining variation. Additionally, there will be some colour variation inside a single marble or granite slab from one end to the other. Architects and interior designers now see this natural stone tendency as a benefit.  Small imperfections can add a touch of the natural to human-designed places, whether they are residential or commercial.

For even more information on choosing the right countertop for you, please check out our guide here.

All materials such as Marble have a range of price points. Traditionally marble tends to be the most luxurious of all natural stones. With a wide range from entry level price points to more exotic stones which carry a higher price point. Understanding our clients style and budget can help to tailor the right stone for each project.

Yes we can supply both polished and unpolished marble of your choice.


For polished finish of our tiles and slabs are provided as to reduce the amount of work and additional cost for the client and ready to be installed immediately.

Please consult with us about any inquiries on finish and fiberglass mesh.

Yes. Since ancient times, marble has been utilised in various aspects of buildings, including floors and furniture. With the extra benefit of providing a cosy, welcoming ambiance, marble has proven to be as durable as materials that were previously thought to be more resilient. Check out the Care & Maintenance Chapter of our Ultimate Marble Guide for a detailed look at choosing the best stone for your project.

We’ve done everything we can to ensure the accuracy of the photo examples. We welcome you to stop by our offices, where we currently have the entire marble sample collection on display.  Furthermore, samples can be sent (on client’s account) or by simply visiting our offices.

To view our marble gallery, click here.

Absolutely, this is the most guaranteed way of increasing value of a property. Natural stone marble is known for its beauty, longevity and durability.

Yes, we offer a comprehensive service delivering order to your chosen sea port.

We accept transfers with the following options:

1. Banking transfer against our invoice.
2. Bank guarantee in accordance with our invoice.
3. Orders above €100,000 can be paid by an irrevocable and confirmed Letter of Credit (subject to our approval).

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