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ECBH Natural Stones is a leading exporter of luxurious marble from Spain.
Our team of experts ensures the highest quality standards for all our raw materials, ensuring you receive the best product at the most competitive prices. ECBH has a strong network, has been seen as the most trusted supplier in Spain for our clients overseas, and is committed to delivering your order on time and with precision.

We also offer a range of customization options to meet your specific requirements, including cut-to-size tiles, slabs, and blocks. We can ensure that your order is carefully packaged and loaded into containers, ready for shipping to your destination.

ECBH Natural Stones can make it easy for you to have your marble wholesale supply delivered to your choice of port internationally. ECBH has a proven track record of experience and a commitment to excellence, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best quality products and service.

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Why choose ECBH
Natural Stones?

ECBH Marble is a collection of coordinated floor and wall marbles that exclusively

come from the natural material of the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

ECBH Natural Stones - Spanish Marble - Residential & Commercial

Residential & Commercial

Marble flooring is very high class, provided for luxury homes, restaurants, hotels, temples, churches, mosques, and more.

ECBH Natural Stones - Wide Range of Spanish Marbles

Wide Range of Spanish Marbles

This source of wealth in natural stone has aroused interest and admiration all over the world where “Made in Spain” marble is considered to be a material of exquisite works of nature.

ECBH Natural Stone - All Marble Grades Spanish Marble

All Marble Grades

ECBH Natural Stone marble provides commercial, standard, to first-choice grades with accuracy & precision.

ECBH Natural Stones - Polished Finishes Spanish Marble

Polished Finishes

Marble stones are polished by using abrasive wheels on the surface that has to be refined. For the glossy finish, a series of revolving discs with various granularities are used.

Finest Quality

The collection combines superior quality, durability, technical characteristics, and functional benefits; allowing you to design contemporary environments leaving a strong impression.

ECBH Natural Stones - Trusted by Our Clients Spanish Marble

Trusted By Our Clients

We work with retailers of all shapes and sizes, from international powerhouses, to regional rising stars.

ECBH Natural Stones - Devoted to Help Guide To Spanish Marble

Devoted to Help

At ECBH Natural Stone, we are strongly committed to our clients and their personalized advice throughout all stages of the process to effectively meet their needs and deliver confidence in working on their personalized projects.


Professional Experts

In order to give you the technical and design support that best meets the objectives of your project, ECBH Natural Stones has assembled a team of specialists made up of professional experts in natural stone.

ECBH Natural Stones Gallery: Tiles, Slabs, Blocks, Stones, and Chips

What We Do

As Your Marble Supplier

ECBH Natural Stones - Commitment to Our Customers


ECBH Natural Stones is a leader in the industry thanks to its staff’s years of experience cutting and working with the natural stones of Spanish marble and Travertines and their ongoing dedication to innovation.

ECBH Natural Stones - Quality Guarantee Spanish Marble


We are resilient in our commitment to quality throughout the entire process, from product extraction through installation. The highest level of assurance is provided to our customers by our incredibly strict quality controls.

ECBH Natural Stones - Spanish Marble Experts


Throughout the entire process, we offer our clients advice on how to effectively meet their needs. Our aim is to give our clients the highest level of assurance and dependability regarding the completion of their projects.

A Go-To Guide for Choosing the Right Marble.

This manual is suitable for you whether you’re upgrading a luxurious bathroom, living room,

or constructing a full house.


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The ultimate Spanish marble collection from ECBH Natural Stones. Providing you with the most exclusive and luxurious marble from Spain and the best customer service guaranteed.
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