Travertine Rose
Marble Type:
Absorption Coefficient:
Absorption Coefficient:

Travertine Rose is ideal for the installation of interior and exterior flooring, cladding, or façades.

The Travertine Rose comes from southern Spain.
This travertine presents an earthy pink background with veins of different tones and white pigmentations.

Travertine is a very porous material that allows the treatment of fillings in its surface openings:
Open pore: It consists of leaving the porosities of the surface of the travertine natural, without any type of filling.

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Travertine Rose

Travertine Rose

Marble Name:
Travertine Rose
Marble Type:
Grades Available:
First Choice, High Commercial, Standard, and Commercial
Polished, Unpolished
Cladding, Balustrade, Fireplace, Column, Bathroom elements, and Floor
Balustrade, Column, Façade, and Floor
2,42 gr/cm3
Absorption Coefficient:
Compression Strength:
941 kg/cm2
Flexure Strength:
125 kg/cm2
Wear Resistance:
2,7 mm
Impact Resistance:
30 cm
Sizes & Surfaces - Tiles:
30x30x2, 40x30x2, 40x40x2, 60x30x2, 60x40x2, 60x60x2, 90x90x2.
Sizes & Surfaces - Baseboards:
30x7x2, 40x10x2, 40x15x2, 40x7x2, 60x10x7, 60x15x2, 60x18x2, 60x7x2.
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