Demand for exotic Spanish natural stones in architecture & interior design rapidly increasing, according to
Demand for exotic Spanish natural stones in architecture & interior design rapidly increasing, according to

Demand for exotic Spanish natural stones in architecture & interior design rapidly increasing, according to

November 8, 2022

While overcoming post-pandemic challenges in finding the right tone of marble stones in person, architecture projects now embrace exclusive design solutions virtually online. Exotic natural stone cladding is becoming increasingly popular among architects and interior designers. These professionals see these materials as the most effective means of transmitting sensations. A true market upward trend drives the international marketing of companies specializing in this sector, such as ECBH Natural Stone.



The quality of the stone, way of internationalization

According to the experts, the quality of the materials is the key to the internationalization of projects born in local quarries. “We have established business relationships and dedicated employees throughout Europe, the United States, and all the way to the Middle East. Since then, have not stopped expanding our operations worldwide. We have a global presence in 70 countries and always work at the highest level. This logically implies that demand is very high, but we are confident that our materials, and our clients, meet those expectations. We specialize in natural stone projects “ reports.


Because the materials are used in constructions that are meant to stand out and be truly unique, users in this sector demand exclusive solutions. “The company has chosen innovation to maintain its leadership in this type of natural product. This enables us to introduce new solutions to the market that address the specific requirements of each space.”


The sector emphasizes the importance of innovation in order to maintain the brand’s competitiveness on a global scale. They emphasize the importance of providing exceptional solutions in the industry in order for a company to be truly appreciated. “We have a Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) department that works with other universities. Because we have created exclusive product lines for our brand, we have been able to develop competitive advantages for the company. All technological advances are embodied in these solutions. This has an immediate impact on the entire manufacturing process “.



Custom-made marble stone for a luxurious experience

Luxury hotels all over the world rely on companies like ECBH Natural Stones to embody their brand identity in their spaces. According to industry experts, the managers of these exclusive places value the ability of materials to generate unique experiences that reaffirm their hotel as irreplaceable in the mind of the visitor. “In these heavenly places, every detail matters. Our custom projects in supplying Spanish marble ensure the creation of something unique; something highly valued by businesses as they can design truly unique and unforgettable moments for their clients.


“Marble is synonymous with luxury no matter where you are in the world. Our company is a reference in marble projects as it is a true delight for the senses and is seen all over the world “They conclude.


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